Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Fashion Edit: Accessorising your hijab

Assalam Walaikum sisters!

Today I wanted to upload a little idea I had a few months back. I have a lot of necklaces, when I say a lot, I mean a lot! But with wearing the headscarf, not that many are being seen or used anymore, so I've started wearing them on my headscarf!

Here's how to accessorise your hijab with a necklace: 
You will need :
Some curby grips and crocodile grips
A plain head scarf
A short necklace.

I used the headscarf as an under-scarf as well as a hijab so Alhambdulillah, it wasn't too warm under there either.
First you grip your first layer (under-scarf) on to your hair. Then position the necklace so it fall on the forehead where it was disturb your vision. Make sure it won't disturb/distract you in prayer either. Grip it in place with the crocodile grip, grabbing some of the scarf with it. Then carry one wrapping the pashmina/scarf around your head as you would usually. Tadah!

I'll try with different scarves and different necklaces, inshallah, and let you see the styles we can achieve!
For Eid, I wore a pale pink scarf with a silvery necklace as ornament, it looked really nice.

Until then sisters!!

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