Sunday, 23 September 2012


Assakam wakaikum!
Breakfast is your most important meal of the day- we all know that!
One thing that I ve been missing as a revert to Islam is a fry up!
How very British of me!
But it's true that it is part of our culture and I like an occasional full Sunday brunch!
This is actually something that I also hear a lot from my non Muslim friends... Don't you miss this don't you miss that? Islam is portrayed as a restrictive religion, when in fact it's really not. We aren't allowed pork. But we are still allowed chicken, beef, lamb, and anything that comes out of the sea! We re not allowed alcohol- but how many other non alcoholic drinks are there in the world?
For each thing forbidden, we have a choice of other foods to choose from.
So this is where is goes back to my notion of breakfast! Turkey rashers and halal sausages! I had never had any before until last eid actually! And how surprised was I when I found the same taste as a non halal bacon breakfast!
They are many cafes and bars in Muslim populated areas such as tooting for example that will serve this sort of breakfast! This is a perfect way to invite your non Muslim friends to lunch/ breakfast and to open conversations about what Islam really is!
For those in the south west London area I recommend cafe max, on tooting high street! They also do nice lunches!
Let me share this picture of my brekkie yesterday! :)

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