Sunday, 12 August 2012

The fashion edit 12-08-12

This is my first outfit for The Fashion Edit, so I hope you enjoy it.

Last night, my friends and I got together for a girly catch up. One of them is moving out of the country and therefore selling all of her clothes, so she brought along a suitcase full of clothes. 
She let us pick whatever we wanted from it and we gave her the money we thought it was worth. What I really appreciated was that she really listened to me saying I was in the process of changing my wardrobe to fit my Islamic beliefs. She suggested things to wear with all 4 items I had picked.

I was a little apprehensive about talking about this with my friends. If you knew them, you would know why. All more stylish than each other, I was afraid of being judged and criticized. Instead of that I found 10 attentive ears who helped me come up with The Fashion Edit idea.  
Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful to have friends who are proving to be so open and understanding.

So every now and then, you will see some special edits come up, which will be called after my friend, and the modest and islamically correct outfits you will see will have been made exclusively from items in their own non-muslim, funky  wardrobe.


This edit includes a skirt that I got from the sale last night. It is originally from H&M, and actually a boob-tube dress.

Here the dress (£10) is worn as a skirt, with the top bit tucked inside to add length to the skirt. It is warn with a long sleeve Tshirt from Primark (£7), in a bright colour to bring out a bit of the colour from the skirt.
Thick black leggings are worn to cover the legs. These are from Primark (£3).
I accessorized the outfit with a golden bangle in the shape of a panther (£10 from a market in France), a waist belt from Primark (£5) and some plain flat ballet pumps (£10).  The hijab is matched to the green of the skirt and held together with a vintage butterfly brooch (£7) brought in a charity shop.

This outfit would fit any petite sister or pear shaped sister. For the sister with a heavier top, wear the top out of the skirt and leave the belt on the hips. 

For some, this outfit may not seem Islamic enough because of the animal print of the skirt or the fact that the skirt isn’t of full length. This really just depends on the person in my opinion and the level of practice of the sister. 

Let me know what you think of this outfit and feel free to submit ideas or comment on how to improve it.

Until the next article, Assalam Walaikum sisters!!


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