Friday, 8 August 2014

Taking a stand against israel

Seeing the evident lack of support despite the massacre of over 2000 innocent civilians in Palestine, I feel I must try and put in words the reasons why we must act together and stand against Israel.

For those of you who know me, I'm not usually really into politics, maybe disheartened is the best way to describe my political stands.

But if you know me you will also be aware that I'm not someone to stand by and watch the oppressed suffering at the hand of bullies, and that I hate nothing more than terrorism, injustice, ignorance and intolerance.

Which brings me here.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is by no way news. It's been a slowly unfolding cleansing led by Zionists ruling the country. Jews, Christians and Muslims have found themselves caught up in a conflict which has torn apart family after family.

The Zionist have slowly 'cleansed' the area to create a state under the pretext of Judaism. This reminds me of Hitler's 'cleansing' of Europe. They are absolutely no difference between the two. The abused children of one genocide have become the perpetrators of yet another genocide? If you know anything about psychology, this is what abusive people use as an excuse to justify their violent outbursts to allow themselves to carry on doing harm.

To further my point, Jews around the world have made a clear point that they do not support Zionist Israel. So like only the evil filled abusers who refuse to seek help against their violence and use their past as a justification of their crimes, Zionists are using that card to justify their massacres.

Anyway, the result is that Palestine is now a slither of a country, pushed against the sea, with nowhere to go, highly restricted access to business essentials, their universities and hospitals have been bombed, hundreds of children, as innoncent as any child ever is have been shredded to pieces, and I don't mean it as an allegory. Literally, parents have had to pick up bits of limbs and bury those in lieu of any decent funeral.

If any of you are parents out there, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of those parent. Imagine your child ripped into pieces, so much so that when you 've collected their remains, it just seems you're carrying a bag out of the butchers.

The geographical situation of the conflict is of course of religious importance. Jerusalem is at the centre of it all. Our beloved Jerusalem. Jews, Muslims and Christians together are spiritualy attached to the city. By right, all three populations should be allowed to live and worship in their holy land as they please. All of the prophets would have preached the same.

If you and your two sibblings squable over who will live with your beloved mother, do you agree you can all live together, or maybe take turns in spending time with her or do you cut your mum into pieces?

This conflict is using the pretext of religion, while in fact it isn't.

The israehell-I government, as I like to call it, is in a position of power and control, it has manipulated its way into convincing the world that they deserve the attention. It has made ties with the 'superpowers ' America and UK.

Sorry for doing this again, but like an abusive husband will manipulate the world around him to show him as a fun loving generous person, with ties to charities and police forces to mask their hideous crime against their trapped wife who has no way out if this living hell.

But get what isra-hell, your crimes are no longer going unseen. The so called allies you have are going to wake up to your heinous crimes and we are coming together to get you.

The BBC is now also openly seeking support for Palestinian victims.

Christians, Jews and Muslim s around the world are standing together against you.let me rephrase this, people around the world, regardless of their religion are standing together against you.

With God on our side, we'll see see how you try to weasel your way out of court for crimes of war, right behind the likes of Stalin, Hitler and all the other tyrants who have or should have paid for their crimes.

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