Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Flame of faith


I have been working hard on a talk for turning point next Friday Inshallah. It is open day and a few of us sisters are talking about the beauty of the Qu'ran.

I will be uploading my notes on here soon as they share some good insight on being a revert.

To give you a sample of it now, I wanted to share a poem I wrote and will be reading Friday Inshallah.

I would love to know what you all think.

It is based on my interpretation of the Ayat An Nur in the Qu'ran.

Flame of Faith
By Fiona  Cross Chowdhury
Like a pearl in it’s shell
My faith grows in Allah’s nacre,
His guidance shapes my heart and soul
Into a gem which is called Iman.
Like a flower in the sun,
My faith is blooming under Allah’s light,
From a small grey seed to a colourful scented rose,
I would be nothing without his nourishment.
Like the most precious jewel I have ever seen,
I have been given a priceless gift,
A gift I will forever treasure,
In a chest made of glass, for all to see, for all to share.
Like a star shining in the sky,
Islam has guided me into Allah’s light
I am rich because I have been blessed by knowledge,
I am rich because the oil of a blessed olive tree
Lit a flame in my heart and in my soul.
A flame made of pearl, made of light and made of Gold.
The flame of Faith.
I'm attaching a picture of something which always makes me cry a little- of awe more than anything... (source:

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